What Parents Say

What We Do?

Writing Guru is an academy catering to one of the most vital skill
 of Handwriting. We offer Personal Coaching for age 9+ yrs spread over 10 hours each subject (English or Hindi) with a class of 90/120 mins each,
 and also provide the customized exercise note books
 available in 6 different page types.
Writing Guru also provides service @ doorstep

Why Writing Guru?

# Guaranteed Result in just 7 classes
# Once a week class
# Service @ doorstep
# Fees After Result / Pay fees after every class
# Scientific techniques & finger tips concept

Our History

How did the idea struck in mind to start the handwriting classes?
PTM ……. Yes, you got it right. Once it so happened that I attended a PTM of my friend’s brother at Chapra, Bihar in 2013 and the student got the widely acclaimed remarks, “Improve your handwriting” to which the student said, “Yes Sir / Ma’am” in affirmation, however didn’t had the courage to ask the teacher, “How?” (How to improve handwriting).
I am sure even if he would have mustered the courage to ask this question, the answer might not have come to the satisfaction. So I asked this question to myself and my quest started in 2013 to answer this question, “How?” To my amazement, the closest answer I could find was the calligraphy classes, so I attended the same only to realize that it has a little connection to handwriting. So the void that was apparent became evident and I decided to fill this void. So I researched, experimented, conducted free trial classes, sought feedbacks, and developed the technique to improve handwriting. Though I developed the technique, but there were not many takers, and thankfully there was this catchy word, “Free”, “Free”, “Free”, that has its own charm and power that could raise people from living dead (just joking). I started offering the service free of cost and got encouraging response because it was a win-win situation. For parents, there was no stake and for me, there was nothing to lose. When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain. I conducted so many classes free of cost that I mastered the art of how to do it in the correct way and I gained confidence to take it up commercially. Consequently, Writing Guru evolved in the year 2014.
And the quest continued even further giving birth to customized notebooks for improving the handwriting.