Frequently Asked Question

LV Methodology

It is an unique code (1234) based methodology which is designed by Writing Guru Founder Mr. Sudhir Kumar. It is a tried and tested methodology. You may also try the same for better results. We are damn sure, that you will witness a significant change.

LV methodology is the way forward.

* Letter L contains two lines – vertical line and horizontal line in which the vertical line is denoted by 1 and horizontal line is denoted by 2.
Similarly, In letter V – left slanting line is denoted by 3 and right slanting line is denoted by 4.

For e.g.,

A:- 4(/),1 (|), half back and 2 (-).

M:- 1(|), full back, 3(\), 4(/) and 1(|).

There are four types of handwriting:

  • Print,
  • Semi Cursive,
  • Straight Cursive
  • Slanting Cursive

The one that is comfortable for the child. We determine it after seeing the child’s handwriting.

 Yes, you can notice with a stopwatch.

7 days after the class starts.

Yes, according to practice, speed increases.