Why Cursive Handwriting Matters ?

First, we share info about What is Cursive Writing.?
Cursive Writing a form of penmanship that uses a flowing style of writing which is make writing fast and beautiful. Cursive writing always looped and connected to each word. This is coming from the evolution of writing skills, this writing using earlier in the Roman empire and the rise of monasteries.

Why Cursive Handwriting is Matter and Suggest for Kids?
Nowaday’s computer is the primary source of Writing and Specially in India, lots of teachers and parents feel that Cursive writing is not necessary in this Modern Age. But Many Teachers and Parents Believe that Cursive Writing still very useful for kids and relevant to child scope.

According to News Cursive Writing is a necessary part of Schools in Some countries like the United State of America and cursive writing instruction in the curriculum, it must teach Cursive writing upto 8 years.

How Cursive writing is matters and Benefits for Kids.

1. Increasing Hand and Eye Coordination
2. Better Spelling
3. Improve Fine Motor Skills: Cursive writing builds a neural foundation of Sensory Skills.
4. Cursive Writing Improve Reading
5. Cursive writing builds Self-Discipline and self-confidence and memory skills.
6. Increase visual and tactile abilities
7. Cursive improves brain activity.

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