Handwriting is fading, what’s the loss?

Handwriting matters? What do you think? Well as many educators say, handwriting does not matter much. For them, it’s time to shift to the keyboards. They say that handwriting is valuable until kindergarten and first grade.

On the other hand, psychologists are serious about this issue. Along with the psychologists, neurologists are concerned. According to them, we should not rush into the decision of announcing handwriting a relic. They believe that there is the deepest relationship between practicing handwriting and brain development. One if practicing handwriting tends to read and understand faster.

They clearly explain that children who write along with reading, grasp a better understanding and create ideas. In other words, it is all about creativity and intellect.

Various handwriting classes have taken the initiative to teach about the basics of handwriting. If in or around Delhi, you may give a chance to Handwriting Classes in Indirapuram and also handwriting class for kids at various places. Calligraphy class is one of the most favourite and famous. Cursive handwriting Ghaziabad is also well-known.

Importance of Handwriting Syllabus. Is it Important?

It may sound cute or funny, but kids learn to hold the pencil naturally. But what to do with the pencil once they hold it? This they do not know. Handwriting has to be taught, but the speed, stability, and beauty of writing comes from inside. Handwriting syllabus can help children for consistency in writing well, there are processes for keeping consistency which is taught to the toddlers in the elementary school.

You would be surprised to know that teachers who have undergone handwriting training instruction teach better ways to practice handwriting. They convey better abilities to transfer handwriting skills, compared to those who randomly teach how to master on handwriting.  Children anyway have to use the combination of reading and writing altogether for better fluency.

It would be great if teachers and parents work together and analyze how their children are being taught about the handwriting. They should study how a handwriting syllabus helps children to grow and improvement of literacy. If in case the school does not have a handwriting syllabus then you must spend some time researching about how the writing and reading affects a child’s personality. You have to make time for your kid’s development and who knows, your child comes home with a trophy of excellent handwriting.

Handwriting and Reading: A perfect combination

If we go to the studies, we’ll find that it has already been proved that reading along with jotting down is linked for the development. However, in this machine era, people often advocate in favour of computers and keyboards. It is a common belief nowadays that communicating will be through the keyboard. Studies have something else to say. According to Associate Professor Anne Mangen of University of Stavanger’s Reading Centre said that learning handwriting contributes to learning to read.

Going into deep. When one writes on a paper with a pencil, it gives a sensory input leading the brain to understand and learn whatever we write. Even if while writing a letter, this happens. The writing part is also related to visual recognition. When we read along with writing, our eyes catch up all allowing our brain to transfer the understanding and this leads to the growth of the brain. This all is co-related to each other.

This could better be understood by a demonstration. Two groups were being taught a foreign alphabet. One group was taught the alphabets by writing along with their sounds. Whereas the other group was taught on a screen and using a keyboard.

After almost a month they were asked to write each character with their sound. The group which was taught through writing and with sound gained more marks as compared to the group which learned through the screen.

This research confirms that students need to learn by writing and at the same time reading. This way they will undoubtedly develop strong memories and shape of the letters. The connection will lead to increased speed, developing memory of long term and brain development.

Keyboards…are they an option?

The involvement of technology into daily lives has replaced various things making us comfortable. However, certain replacements are tragic. Children at a tender age are willing to type before they could learn the basics of handwriting. The pattern of writing is far different from typing on the keyboards. Location of the words at the keyboard can be learned but that is going to be useful at a grown-up age. Whereas, handwriting importance is already discussed.

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