From the pen to paper… all about the practice of writing

We are loaded with technologies in this advanced world. We pretty know how to tap the fingers on tablets and I-pad, but barely we have an idea of how to write on paper with a pen. Even the growing generations are fluent enough for Artificial Intelligence but not a bit familiar to write beautifully on a piece of paper.

People often raise their concern that whether or not the handwriting practice sessions were given to students in the schools are useful? Well, it depends, on how you think and whether you consider it important for letting your child stick to the paper and pen in his initial years.

However, after the foundation of his school has been laid, he will definitely be engaged in the world of keyboards.

Accept or not, but as an adult, it is our ethical responsibility to let our kids know the beauty of writing and also the benefits of handwriting.

The ignorance handwriting is suffering from, shall we consider it as a dying art form? Let us get into the article for more…

Are you the one who relies upon the technology completely?

When did you picked up your pen and wrote something for few minutes? Remember? Think?

Still not able to remember?

Well if you have completely forgotten the last time you held the pen in your hands and written the application for the leave or to any department or a letter to any family member, then hang on…you are the person who completely depends upon the technology for communication.

On a light note, people from the tech community fight for the fact that handwriting is now dying.

Educated fellows are needed now to step forward and work in the field of handwriting and mark it as a priority activity for kids, and to ensure that this beautiful memory of writing never dies. As Children development somewhere lies in writing on copies and papers. 

Hand-writing eases

Not just for the purpose of communicating, writing by hands has more benefits in many other ways. For tender age children, they can learn the size, shape, height of the letters and can extract much creativity from them. This enhances expression, learning a skill, imaginative features, idea composition and personality development in the kids.

Cursive handwriting is a beautiful form and adopted by various schools to enhance beautiful handwriting. It helps kids with the letter formation. The process of cursive handwriting is long and is in a way that the sound murmured of the letter by the child goes straight in the head and lasts there for long. This connection from hand to sound is innovative learning.

The Busy Brain

The more the brain gets busy, more active it becomes. Researchers claim that writing active our brains and engage it for learning. As adults, we also note down something somewhere to store it in our brains. Same happens with the kids, and this is why it is recommended to the kids to write whatever they learn as to maintain it in the minds.

When the fingers move while writing, the pictorial image of moving hands is captured by the brain, and it enhances the memory. A senior professional of Neurosciences at Texas A&M University Dr. William Klemm states that cursive writing can help in visual scanning and helps the brain work more efficiently. It improves reading, understanding.

Is your child willing to write?

One has to notice that whether the child is willing to write or no. Maybe he needs your effort in his development. You need to assess it in various ways. Is he doing the whole-body movement like jumping, playing, moving the body, throwing the ball or other activities that include the exercise of his whole body? It may also include standing correctly, sitting at the right posture, walking, etc.

Do notice his workouts for smaller muscles of hands. The way he opens his pencil box or lunch box. Opening the school bag, drawer, buttons or other equipment.

Is he doing all correctly? Is the way, right? Keep an eye on him and analyze if any problem coming. This would help to know the reason behind his handwriting-good or bad.

Activities for kids

Help kids with fun activities for the body movement. Skipping rope, cycling, shallow swimming, running, swinging, painting on walls, light hand exercise is few things which are good for children.

For kids who are interested in creative stuff, provide them with beads, strings, play dough, slimes, cubical games, drawing books, stickers, and other such games. This will lead to the development of the child’s brain and will help them to hold the pen or pencil the right way and to write beautifully and comfortably.

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